↪ LEVERAGE + TV TROPES: Fanservice

Gratuitous display of characters in skimpy clothing, or none at all, under the assumption that it will attract or “reward” viewers. The character is usually female, though fanservice of male characters is far from uncommon.

 ↪ LEVERAGE 2.13 - The Future Job


whistles innocently


eliot spencer on how to diffuse a bomb

 ↪ LEVERAGE + TV TROPES (RPG Edition): Power TrioFighter, Mage, Thief

Power Trios are frequently embedded within larger ensembles. In this case, Three Plus Two is a Power Trio within a Five-Man Band. There are many variations on the Power Trio, but in RPGs, character specializations tend to boil down to strength, sorcery, or stealth.

Fighter: The Lightning Bruiser. A physical powerhouse of prodigious strength, the fighter solves problems by dicing or smashing them to bits. The fighter usually has the best armor, making him an effective Meat Shield, and he prefers melee weapons to ranged.
Mage: The Glass Cannon. A mighty wielder of arcane might, the mage has a tendency to die if enemies look at him funny. His method of solving problems therefore tends to consist of blowing them up before they can get to him.
Thief: The Fragile Speedster. Being quite a bit squishier than the fighter but not as much as the wizard, the thief relies on stealth and guile. Her method of solving problems typically involves sneaking by them, stabbing them in the back, or sniping them from a distance.

Leverage 30 Day Challenge | Day 20: Favorite “Let’s go steal a —” moment

We need you to do this. I need you to do this. Please.”

 ↪ LEVERAGE 1.07 - The Two-Horse Job

LEVERAGE 4.07 - The Grave Danger Job

 ↪ “The man put me in a coffin, Nate. A damn coffin.”


my idea of a romantic evening is cuddling (◡‿◡✿)

I can’t seem to stop drawing the Leverage trio help